Why do we have a Client Charter?

At TALENTi we think it's so important to be transparent and fair. It defines who we are as a company and gives you a measure of the people who make up our team. Of course it's very easy to make a vague, verbal commitment to a client in the throws of a sales call so we have decided to put it in writing.

Our promise to you

We will always be honest, open and transparent in our dealings with you.
We will not put ourselves ahead of the needs of our clients.
To prove ourselves to you that we should be your port of call for any future staff requirements.
There are no hidden fees. Our Terms & Conditions are provided to you at the outset of our relationship & are available on our website here.
We will not make promises that we are unable to keep.
We will always strive to find the best candidates for you.
We will represent you to our candidates in a professional, positive and pro-active way
We will always give you our best & impartial advice.
We will undertake an in-depth screening of all candidates before submitting them to you. This will involved face to face interviews and/or exhaustive telephone interviews if geography is a limitation to a personal meeting.
We will never send a candidate’s CV to you without their permission. You will know this candidate is fully aware of the role and its requirements.
Feedback is vitally important to us and we promise to offer timely feedback. We will always respond to any query from you as soon as possible.
We will endeavour to truly understand you, your company and your current role(s) in order to provide you with the best service and the highest calibre candidates.
To make your relationship with TALENTi an enjoyable one. We are renowned for our friendly, courteous and professional approach. If at any time you feel we haven’t reached the high standards we try to attain then please let us know and we will rectify the issue as soon as possible.
We will inform you promptly in the unlikely event we cannot source you any candidates.

What we ask of you

We ask you to be fair, open and honest with us.
If the role(s) we are assisting you with has been filled, we ask that you notify us immediately so we can inform our candidates and cease our intensive search.
To provide us with a job brief (if available) within 24 hours of you making us aware of a vacant position within your company. The job brief will need to be a full job description, background information and person specification.
To have a face-to-face meeting with us if you are a new client. We aim to get a full understanding of your business and visiting with you helps us to achieve this.
To agree to and provide a signed copy of our Terms & Conditions prior to us starting a candidate for you.
To provide us with timely feedback once we have submitted a candidate’s CV to you whether the candidate suitable or not in order for us to relay this information back to our candidates.
To not contact candidates directly unless there is a prior agreement with TALENTi.
We ask that you do not forward candidate’s CV to any other associated companies or 3rd parties without prior agreement with TALENTi.