Contingency Search

An overview of our Contingent Search service

Our Contingency Search service

Why working with TALENTi on a Contingency Search basis can be a crucial part of your recruitment process

Sometimes it makes sense to only pay when the process is complete and your new hire is on board or when the new hire isn't business critical. Contingency recruiting can also be appropriate for companies looking to fill lower to mid-level roles on a non-confidential basis.

TALENTi treat our Contingency Search recruiting with thoroughness, professionalism and discretion. We have access to a network of excellent candidates, sophisticated technology, conduct rigorous market research & analytics, and possess deep industry knowledge. When you need to count on speed, customisation, analysis & thoughtful recruitment, as a proven contingency recruiter, we bring an intense focus on delivering the best talent who are not necessarily looking for a new role.

Our Contingency Search team provide experienced, consultative assistance at every step of the way. We work closely with you and with the candidate throughout the interview, negotiation and on-boarding process. Then and only then, will we collect a fee for our services.

TALENTi"s Contingency Search service has helped companies build the teams they need to compete, locally, nationally or internationally. We provide a trusted, consultative service to each and every client by truly listening and responding to your needs.

Here are a few key reasons for using TALENTi for your Contingency based searches

1. When we're an unknown quantity

If you are not familiar with TALENTi and would like to to see how we perform then our Contingency Search service may be the right option for you. We understand that relationships need to be developed and we have started many of our client relationships this way. Once you get to know us and how we perform you may wish to move onto our Retained Search service, as many clients have done so previously.

2. When the vacancies are for lower to mid-level roles

Whilst it's not always the case that companies use Retained Search just for higher level roles, and many of our clients use our Retained Search service across the hiring spectrum, it may be that you wish to keep your options open for your lower to mid-level roles and open the role out to numerous agencies or the hire isn't time-critical.

3. When the role is easy to fill

You've decided to use an external agency but you think the role will be relatively easy to fill and there could well be a large talent pool suitable for the role.

4. When you'd like to keep control

Sometimes the client wants to handle the majority of the recruitment process. All you want from us is to supply you with a shortlist of strong candidates and you'll pretty much do the rest, from screening the candidates to interviewing and negotiating to onboarding. Although we're here to do as little or as much as you require of us. It's your choice.

5. When you have multiple vacancies

Traditionally, Retained Search services are used for specific, individual vacancies. If you have multiple vacancies, Retained Search can be a viable option, even for multiple vacancies, especially for more senior positions and/or where confidentiality is key. However, you may feel that a Contingency Search would be more appropriate for this type of search.