Retained Search

A more effective option to Contingent Searches

Our Retained Search service

Why working with TALENTi exclusively or retained is in all of our best interests

In today’s “risk averse” market, partnering with the right recruitment agency is arguably equally as important as finding the right candidate. Given that a significant proportion of recruitment agencies work on a contingent (‘success only’) basis, employers can at this point be faced with a bewildering range of recruiters, options and standards. Ultimately, this begs the important question: “Should an employer utilise the services of one recruitment firm or numerous”?

Many clients feel that by casting their net far and wide and instructing multiple recruiters on one brief, increases their chances of finding the right candidate. However, this approach can potentially be detrimental and quite damaging to the employer. Certainly, if a recruiter happens to have a candidate on its database that fulfils all of the criteria for the role, then the employer may have the ideal solution; however if this is not the case, the client may face an endless stream of unsuitable candidates from a variety of different sources and dedicate time to sift each of the applications. You then find yourself wasting valuable resources in screening / interviewing unsuitable candidates.

Candidates who have come via a contingent recruiter are typically looking at multiple opportunities at any given time. Then of course you need to factor in the chance that you may lose your chosen individual to another company / competitor and the whole process becomes much more complex and the risk that the vacancy still remains unfilled, becomes much greater. There is then the added risk that you also hire someone who doesn’t quite meet the original criteria, as you may have been led to believe that there are no suitable alternatives in the market at that time, as the issue of getting the role filled becomes more and more critical.

The key benefits of clients working exclusively retained with TALENTi on a search basis are that only suitable candidates, from both a professional and cultural perspective, are submitted for the role rather than candidates who are merely languishing on a database and have had their CVs sent out to many organisations. If we are indeed instructed on a retained basis, we are able to combine suitable ‘active’ candidates with those that have been proactively sourced from our network, thus offering our clients the choice of the best that is ‘in the market’ ​rather that what is ‘on the market’​.

We don’t dispute that contingent recruitment does work, we operate this method ourselves, however it should be remembered that while this may work once, there are no guarantees that it will again. The safest and most efficient approach is to retain a recruiter as the time invested in finding a solution will invariably have a much more positive long-­term implication: it is proven that the candidates also tend to stay longer and be an asset to the organisation.

Employing the wrong candidate can have both financial and cultural repercussions: the cost of having to replace the individual and the cost to the business through not having anyone in the role, as well as the disruption and instability that the wrong hire can cause internally must be taken into consideration when making a business critical hire.

For starters, here are 15 very good reasons for retaining TALENTi

1. Commitment

Our Client gets TALENTi’s full commitment to filling their vacant role. Let’s not beat around the bush here. A client may think they get more effort from a recruiter when the role is in competition, but what really happens is a short burst of activity from those recruiters, and then interest wanes as they realise the client is not fully committed to them, and they go and put their energy into other clients who will work with them / us as true partners.

2. Responsibility

The responsibility for success is now shifted to TALENTi. If the job is given to us, retained or exclusive, then ultimately we own the problem. You as the client can focus on your business and daily activities.

3. A Focus On Quality

Our client has taken the focus off speed and is truly now focussed on quality. Why would you want your crucial hiring decision based on who can get candidates to you first? ‘Exclusivity’ means TALENTi has time to do the thorough work required.

4. A Thorough Search

Exclusivity also allows TALENTi to bring all of our resources to bear in the talent search. Not just a quick database search. But a thorough, detailed talent search including networks, communities and social media avenues.

5. A Detailed Brief

Working exclusively with TALENTi means there is time for the us to take a detailed job order. The better the order, the better the match.

6. More Time

There is time for TALENTi to do a full and comprehensive database search. You as our Client gets the best, not the best we saw that week.

7. Search Options Increased

TALENTi has time to comb networks, online resources, social media networks and tap in to the passive talent market.

8. Opportunities For A Global Search

If TALENTi are recruiting in foreign markets, exclusivity allows us precious time to access talent through our global reach.

9. Better Screened Candidates

Exclusivity also means TALENTi spend more time doing thorough screening, saving our clients time and frustration.

10. In-depth Interviews

This extra time allows TALENTi interviews to include full assessment of skills, experience, attitude and personality profiling.

11. Better Detail

TALENTi will be able to fully qualify the talent in terms of start date and salary, once again saving you, our client much time and frustration.

12. A Focussed Relationship

Our Client will ultimately save time by dealing with one, competent recruiter. No multiple agency briefings or multiple contacts to deal with.

13. Confidentiality Maintained

Our Clients’ confidentiality is preserved, as the role is not being touted around by five or six different recruiters, each speaking to 9 or 10 candidates about the role.

14. Brand Protection

Importantly, our Clients’ brand and image is improved by using one recruiter, because the role is not being devalued in the eyes of the candidate, who will be suspicious if the job is represented by multiple recruiters.

15. No Duplication

Working exclusively with TALENTi means that you will not have the issue of two or more recruiters referring the same Talent for the same role – which can be very sordid indeed