Where we work

Wherever you are, we're here.

Where on earth do we work?

Globally & locally.

To work globally takes commitment, flexibility and an understanding that not everyone does things the way we do it. We've learnt and adapted (sometimes the hard way) and, because of that, love and appreciate the work we do with our international clients.

A local understanding.

Being able to work effectively across the globe takes a lot of knowhow. Overseas clients may well have vastly different expectations from what you are used to. Knowing how to say hello, who speaks first and knowing how to effectively conduct yourself in business meetings takes research over many years....and the odd mistake.

Would you offend them if you didn't take a gift? Would you offend them if you did? In some cultures the social aspect is as important, if not more so, than the business meeting itself. They may think nothing of consuming a substantial amount of alcohol during a business dinner, while others wouldn’t touch so much as a glass of wine.

These etiquette skills are not only used in person, it's as important when dealing over the internet, it's a small world now and the same rules apply.

The team at TALENTi are trained to deal globally as well as locally. We think these little things are what give us our credibility with our clients, no matter where they are based.

Our global experience

Regularly or rarely, here's where we work.

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